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Body Corporate Management

At Living Strata Pty Ltd we are committed to helping our clients manage and maintain their investments.

Our broad range of management services are designed to ensure that our clients have everything they need to manage their Body Corporate. Our association and membership with the industry body Strata Community Association (QLD) also demonstrates the initiative taken by Living Strata Pty Ltd to ensure that we are industry leaders in Strata Management.

Administrative Services

Living Strata Pty Ltd prepares and maintains all Body Corporate records including roll updates, registers and compliance reports. Our maintenance of these records makes them easily accessible for inspection and sales-related searches in strict accordance with legislative requirements.

One of our main administrative tasks is the provision of advice and guidance to Bodies Corporate. Our specialist advice spans from how to manage common property through to more complex issues such as major works, issuing by-law contravention notices and the handing of Management Rights. We pride ourselves on our accessibility to our clients for this advice and guidance.

Secretarial Services

We provide a comprehensive suite of services dedicated to ensuring your Body Corporate meetings run as smoothly as possible. Our support includes calling for nominations, preparation and distribution of all notices and minutes, and convening Body Corporate and Committee meetings.

Financial Services

With a relationship with reputable and experienced chartered accountancy practice, Sciacca's Accountants, our financial services are accurate and transparent.

Our financial services include the preparation of financial statements and monthly status reports. We also provide all clients 24 hour online access to their financial and other records. Other general financial services that we offer include, general banking, levy management, regular payment of on-going expenses, preparing annual budgets and investment of surplus administrative and sinking funds.

Insurance Management

It is a legislative requirement that all Bodies Corporate in Queensland hold specialised insurance policies to cover owners in the event of anything unforeseen. Our insurance management services offer Bodies Corporate access to a number of insurances sourced from our pool of trusted insurance partners. The insurance that we can source for you includes building, common contents, public liability, office bearers liability and machinery breakdown insurance.

Our highly trained and experienced insurance management team will source all quotations for you, lodge claims on your behalf, offer general advice on any insurance queries, and assist with renewal strategies.

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